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Bloom & Wild makes flower delivery flawless – Download of the Week

Sending people flowers is lovely, but its an expensive and often arduous task.

I agree that complaining about it might seem like a bit of a first world problem, but bare with me.

The reason you should bare with me is because someone has fixed it. A company has fixed sending flowers, and whilst it may be just a first world problem solved, it is one we should celebrate.

Easy flower delivery

Bloom & Wild was founded in January 2013 but has only just launched its app, available on iOS.

The startup delivers whole bouquets of high-quality flowers straight through your letterbox. No longer will the issue of someone not being home prohibit you from sending a lovely gift.

Their new app, much like their website, lets you complete the process in seconds. The user experience from picking out a bouquet to filling out delivery and payment details is incredibly easy.

The postal process also drives down the price, which means you can send or receive flower bouquets for as low as £17.

Get even more flowers with subscription

Another feature that differentiates Bloom & Wild from some of its competitors is the ability to subscribe to its flower delivery. So, if you want to have flowers delivered to your home weekly, fornightly or monthly, you can.

After a long day at work, the flowers will be waiting for you, having been passed through the letterbox.

Coming soon to the app is Facebook integration, which means the app could remind you your friend’s birthday is coming up so that you can send them a nice gift.

Oh, and they offer free next-day deliver.

Send flowers for £5 with the Bloom & Wild app using the code ‘TECHCITY’ by 30th November. One use per customer. Exclusively for use on the app.