NEW DELHI, India–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#NotebooksbilligerKhawaja Holdings, a multinational holding company, will open a new German office as part of their multi-continent expansion plan in early 2021.

Khawaja Holdings has been aggressively expanding in many countries all over the world that show diligence and promise. As a leader that recognizes growth and innovation, Founder Ahmad Khawaja has set Khawaja Holdings’ latest sights on Germany.

“[Germany] has the second largest market in Europe, fifth largest in the world. With our connections, it just makes sense for us to expand and grow in Germany. We see their growth rates and figures, and we see steady growth that we would love to be a part of,” said Ahmad Khawaja.

According to Statista.com, the e-commerce market is projected to reach over $87 million in 2020 and $117 million by 2025.

ThePaypers.com says about 86.8% of its population is online with 90% of internet users buying goods or services on the internet.

“We want to help these new age businesses grow. With the success of massive online stores like Otto, Zalando, and Notebooksbilliger, we want to help more companies reach this level online and offline in a vast variety of industries,” says Ahmad Khawaja.

Ahmad Khawaja and Khawaja Holdings plan to open a German office in 2021, but have already opened doors in Germany to perpetuate their success in the new region.

About Khawaja Holdings:

Khawaja Holdings is a multinational holding company with operations and plans for expansion in nearly every continent. We enable businesses and economies to thrive, allowing entrepreneurs and innovative companies to reach their full potential. Visit www.khawajaholdings.com/.


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