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Roya Ghafele leads OxFirst to Award as ‘Best Intellectual Property Valuation Firm’

OXFORD, England–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ArtificialIntelligence–Under the leadership of Dr Roya Ghafele OxFirst has been for the third time in a row awarded the prestigious prize as ‘Best IP Valuation Firm in the UK’ by the Global 100 Award. According to Global 100, ‘the award consists of only 100 of the world’s leading firms and individuals. The purpose of the Global 100 is to provide a comprehensive understanding of those firms that are truly leaders within their chosen areas of specialisation.’1

‘I thank our clients and those who voted for OxFirst for their long-standing trust. This award underlines the importance of an economic perspective on intellectual property. It shows that the valuation of IP opens up technology approaches, which are simply not available under a mere legal view,’ says OxFirst Managing Director Roya Ghafele. She continues to explain that ‘the big challenge ahead of us is to raise further awareness on the economic worth of IP. Too many firms miss out on business as they can’t relate patents to cash flow. An IP valuation helps to make such relations visible.’

A good example of OxFirst’s success was its IP valuation for an AI firm focusing on conversational software. The IP valuation formed the cornerstone of the relationship between the private equity firm and the AI company. It also helped the AI firm restructure its debt and look at its business strategy from a fresh perspective.

At another instance, the OxFirst IP valuation helped structure an acquisition in the area of autonomous vehicles. The IP valuation allowed to assess any potential anti-competitive dynamics that the acquisition could trigger and also assisted in the determination of a price for the patented technology.

Most recently, OxFirst’s IP valuation enabled the formulation of an IP strategy for the recycling of electronic waste. With millions of cell phones, tablets and PCs thrown away every year, the question of how to recover potentially useful resources from such trash is essential. OxFirst helped by assessing the economic value of the patents and assisted in formulating a licensing program. This was undertaken in the spirit of social entrepreneurship.


OxFirst is an advisory firm specialized in law and economics. Its expertise covers IP valuation and strategy. Dr Roya Ghafele is an accredited damage expert. She worked an economist with WIPO, the OECD and McKinsey.




Elisabeth Blade