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London VC The Untitled Ventures raises €100M to invest in Eastern European tech startups


London-based early-growth VC, The Untitled Ventures has raised €100 million (around £85M) for their latest fund, which will focus on Eastern European breakthrough tech startups — especially those looking to relocate to Western Europe and the UK. The fund aims to help promising startups, that might have innovative and world-changing products but struggle to get investment because of their location. 

The Untitled’s first fund operated in more traditional startup markets, funding startups located in the US and Western Europe, areas more traditionally associated with the tech sector. However, having had success with several businesses that relocated, the new fund hopes to benefit from the large body of potential tech entrepreneurs based beyond the usual European startup centres. 

Why Eastern Europe? 

Much of the focus will be on former Soviet countries. Konstantin Siniushin, one of The Untitled’s Managing Partners, believes this fulfils a social, as well as an investment, function. “We believe in good investments, but also serve a social mission, bringing tech projects from economically unstable countries like Belarus, Russia and Ukraine,” he told UKTN. “We can help them bring their products to market, and move their HQ in Europe to help get new rounds of investment.” ...