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West Midlands tech sector valued at £15bn

West Midlands' tech sector
Image credit: Shutterstock / trabantos

The West Midlands tech sector is now valued at £15.3bn, an increase of £3.8bn, in a sign that the region is maintaining its momentum after being named the UK’s fastest-growing tech hub last year.

The data, released today to correspond with Birmingham Tech Week, shows the region is home to more than 2,300 startups that have collectively raised more than £850m in venture capital funding since 2020.

This influx of investor cash has boosted West Midlands tech hiring by 31% this year, while jobs in Birmingham have grown by 20%.

The region’s thriving tech sector now employs 144,000 people, according to job search engine Adzuna, with 56,000 of those located in Birmingham.

Software developers, Java developers, business analyst and project manager roles are the most wanted positions by technology companies....