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An overview of Brighton’s burgeoning tech sector


Brighton is emerging as an active and vibrant UK tech hub. Sheena Campbell takes a closer look.

When you think of Brighton you might think of sticks of rock, piers and pebbles on the beach. But the south coast city has also grown into one of the UK’s most successful digital technology clusters.

In 2015, there were around 7,500 people in digital employment in Brighton and Hove, according to Tech City UK’s Tech Nation report. The research found companies were more likely to specialise in content and media production, UI and UX design and visual and audio design than the national average.

But, what exactly is going on in terms of support and growth in the region’s tech scene?

From the beginning

Brighton is home to some great examples of tech companies including StoryStream, Madgex and Cogapp which was founded back in 1985. So, what attracts such firms to the city?...