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Scottish government invests £42m to build seven tech hubs

Image credit: Maxime Ragni, KISS Photography and Design

Edinburgh-based tech incubator CodeBase has secured a £42m contract from the Scottish government to build seven new tech scaler hubs across Scotland.

“Tech startups right across Scotland will have access to world-class education and mentoring and opportunities for peer learning and networking through the tech scalers,” said Nicola Sturgeon, first minister.

At the hubs, tech founders will be able to access advice and mentorship from industry experts such as Google for Startups UK, Barclays Eagle Labs and San Francisco-based membership programme Reforge.

Sturgeon added: “For new companies at all stages of their development, Scotland will provide one of the most supportive environments in Europe.”

The Tech Scaler contract was announced by Sturgeon before an event in Glasgow at Barclay’s new Eagle Lab Campus.

“We will be helping founders of all shapes and sizes from all backgrounds turns their ideas into businesses via education programmes, community building and networking.

“We will help to build more startups in Scotland and help them scale and access customers and investment globally,” said Stephen Coleman OBE, CEO and co-founder, Codebase.

Founded in 2014, CodeBase is a UK tech business incubator that helps startups grow. It’s currently operational in 27 locations across the UK.

Kate Forbes, economy secretary said: “Scotland’s tech industry is already a dynamic and entrepreneurial community and is forecast to be the second-fastest growing sector in Scotland by 2029.”

Fellow Edinburgh-based Skyrora today announced it is opening a new rocket engine facility in Cumbernauld.

Image credit: Maxime Ragni, KISS Photography and Design