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Beyond the Capital with Manchester’s Praetura Ventures

Praetura Ventures Beyond the Capital
Image credit: Praetura Ventures / UKTN

It has been a challenging funding environment for startups this year. Or as Jessica Jackson, investment manager at Manchester-based VC firm Praetura Ventures, puts it founders are finding it “incredibly frustrating”.

In the first half of 2023, total UK tech investment fell by 57% year-over-year. From Jackson’s vantage point at the North of England-focused investment firm, it’s particularly challenging for startups raising at the seed stage.

“And if they are, the baseline of the company that they look at has changed completely because it’s more risky, they’ve got less capital to deploy,” Jackson told UKTN, adding that angel investors are not as active either due to liquidity challenges.

Those hurdles are greater for those who don’t fall into the category of “typical white male tech CEO”, Jackson said....