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Introducing UKTN’s Liverpool regional tech report

Liverpool region tech report cover
Liverpool region report cover

The Liverpool tech industry, while not yet recognised as a major hub, has made major strides in establishing itself as a key player to watch, closing record deals amid a harsh funding slowdown.

In our latest regional report, UKTN takes a close look at the Liverpool City Region’s growing community of startups and investors that are putting the local tech economy on the map.

The report, available for free, examines what makes Liverpool uniquely primed to build a tech ecosystem to stand amongst the UK’s biggest, featuring input from the region’s established and rapidly growing startups, along with the stakeholders backing Merseyside as the next big thing in UK tech.

In this report, you can find:

  • The startups and scaleups to watch in Liverpool
  • The strengths, challenges and opportunities in the region
  • Analysis from the biggest names in Liverpool’s tech sector
  • A look at what’s next for Liverpool tech

You can read the full interactive report in your web browser for free here.

The Liverpool regional tech report is sponsored by Lloyds Bank and the University of Liverpool.