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London tech founders, we want to hear from you!


The UK is regularly praised for its ever-expanding collection of early stage technology businesses. In fact, KPMG has previously reported that across Britain, a new tech company is born every hour.

This increasing number of digital startups is being supported by growing volumes of investment; UK Tech firms attracted almost £3bn in venture capital funding alone in 2017, nearly double the £1.63bn attracted the year before.

Amidst, the attention given to the country’s tech talent, London often attracts much of the limelight.

This is largely down to the sheer volume of digital businesses across the city – according to the Mayor of London’s office:

  • There are 187,427 tech companies in London
  • They employ 1.19 million people
  • Collectively they boast a combined turnover of £285bn
  • London-based tech firms consumed 80% of VC investment into the sector last year

But does the city warrant its title as Europe’s ‘digital capital’? How easy it is for an entrepreneur to start a tech firm in the capital? And what are the main challenges they face when trying to get their startup off the ground?

To shine a light on the true state of London’s tech startup sector, City Road Communications and Studio Graphene are carrying out a unique piece of research in association with UKTN. They are surveying founders of London-based tech businesses to see what can be learned from their thoughts and experiences.

So, if you fit the bill, we want to hear from you. All you need to do is complete the online survey below – it only takes five minutes and we would be very grateful.

London tech startup founders, please click here to complete the survey.