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Tips for continued SaaS startup success in 2021


COVID halted the UK startup industry, so much so that coming off a record year for growth in 2019, many British tech industry leaders were calling on the government to help “Save Our Startups” in April. The good news is there’s increasing evidence pointing to the resurgence of the UK startup industry as a whole and in particular, when it comes to SaaS firms.

Boston-based Venture Capital (VC) firm OpenView, taking a look at both European and U.S. enterprise SaaS firms, recently reported that “Public SaaS is more valuable than ever before – after falling nearly 50% from all-time-highs in March, SaaS valuations have rallied on the back of persistent long-term tailwinds.”

And data from SeedLegals, a platform that allows startup founders and negotiators to create, negotiate and sign legal agreements for funding rounds, recently said that, “Despite what you may have read, investors are not abandoning startups in droves.” Looking at its own data, the firm reported that there were no significant changes in UK startup valuations over the period and that investment from existing investors is hovering around historic averages....