The London Data Fest is taking place in the capital on 16th and 17th November, comprising of three summits: The Big Data & Analytics Innovation Summit, The Chief Data Officer Summit  and The Data Visualisation Summit.

Being held at the ILEC Conference Centre in London’s Fulham, the event is set to attract over 400 attendees and will feature more than 60 presentations.

Speakers at the conference include representatives from prominent tech companies, such as Spotify, eBay, Sky and Salesforce.

The Big Data & Analytics Innovation Summit

This summit will cover the hottest topics affecting analytics professions, creating a platform for data scientists to obtain real action points, learn from case studies and gain useful contacts.

At the Big Data & Analytics Innovation Summit, the topics being discussed will centre on:

  • Delivering rich insights with a data-focused culture
    • Strategic development of business intelligence
    • Putting data at the heart of the business
    • Data strategy development and implementation

Nick McCarthy, head of data partnerships at Sky, is set to deliver a presentation titled ‘Sky’s Data Asset; the World’s Largest TV Viewing Panel’. He will discuss how Sky collects data from its 10.5 million UK customers, how it is used within the Sky business, the importance of data security and how the data partnerships team within Sky Media is working with a number of clients across multiple commercial areas.

The Chief Data Officer Summit

This summit, aimed at senior-level executives, will cover the innovations companies need to be aware of in order to advance their data strategy and management.

At the Chief Data Officer Summit, the main themes being discussed will be:

  • The future of data strategy and implementation
  • Organisational structure of the data team
  • Digital transformation of the enterprise
  • Management of big data

Scott Krueger, data architect at Skyscanner, will give a presentation titled ‘When Rivers Meet the Ocean: the Benefits of Unifying your Organisation’s Data Assets’. This presentation will explore Skyscanner’s experience of building a unified logging data platform. He will explore how a shift in big data technology led him to make specific decisions about how his firm operates, deliver better services to its partners, and creates better products for its users.

The Data Visualisation Summit

This summit will focus on the need for organisations to invest in and understand the power of data visualisation.

The main themes for the discussion at The Data Visualisation Summit are:

  • Visualising unstructured data
  • Telling your story with data
  • Developing data viz skills and tools
  • UX/UI design

Keynote speakers at this summit include Tony Gosling, chief data officer at the Ministry of Defence; Paul McDonagh-Smith, digital capability leader at Massachusetts Institute of Technology; and Nick King, market research and insight director at AutoTrader.

Also speaking at this summit is Mark Lawrence, learning and development manager at Marks & Spencer. In his session, titled ‘Making Data Open’, Lawrence will discuss how he’s helping local government bodies and the population to share their insights and deliver data democracy.


Tickets for all three summits are on sale now, with a number of price brackets to suit a variety of budgets and requirements.

For more information, visit the London Data Fest website.

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