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‘Peloton’ for virtual workspaces platform FLOWN raises £2.5m


FLOWN, a platform supporting hybrid offices, has raised £2.5m in seed funding for its virtual business environment.

Described by lead investor Pi Labs’ head Hugo Silva as “taking the playbook of Peloton and applying it to a workspace”, FLOWN is a startup addressing the problems some employees faced after the pandemic ushered in the age of remote working.

FLOWN simulates an office environment with virtual co-working spaces to engage in what the company calls “deep work” sessions.

One of FLOWN’s primary services is what they call a “flock”, a video conference work session that is supposed to promote accountability and improve focus.

The London startup’s founder Alicia Navarro claims FLOWN’s workspace software engages staff creatively and psychologically, allowing them to achieve a state of “deep work”.

“I believe deep work and flow states will be for the next decade what mindfulness has been for the last,” Navarro said.

“More and more businesses are realising that adopting a deep work culture within their teams and organisations is the key to driving growth and innovation in the business, as well as engagement and satisfaction within their teams.”

FLOWN operates using a freemium subscription model with a “free forever” option and premium subscriptions from £15 a month.

Investment lead at Pi Labs, Hugo Silva, said: “When we imagine what the future of the office means post-Covid, we see services that enable distributed teams to be efficient, creative, and engaged, irrespective of where they are working.”

Other participants in the new funding round include BDMI and Venrex, January Ventures, Auxxo Ventures and Alma Angels.

The latest round comes after the company received £1.2m in pre-seed funding after its founding during the first Covid-19 lockdown in 2020.