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GoCardless founder backs Docbot Labs in £580k pre-seed

Docbot Labs pre-seed
Image credit: Docbot Labs

London-based software startup Docbot Labs has raised £580,000 in pre-seed funding for its workspace document and information-sharing platform.

Founded in February 2022, Docbot Lab’s software connects to tools such as Slack, GitHub and Notion to let product teams find relevant internal documentation within a business.

Its product generates a knowledge graph for employees to view and interact with active projects.

“Knowledge sharing can become dependent on individual tech leads who develop a comprehensive understanding of how a technology is built, and often take it with them when they move on to new roles, leaving the next crop of engineers without essential context,” said Jamie Davenport, founder, Docbot Labs.

“On an individual basis, it’s highly frustrating and disruptive. On a team-wide scale, it creates a critical productivity issue for a business.”

Frontline Ventures led the Docbot Labs pre-seed round with additional support from Ascension, Concept Ventures, Charlotte Street Capital and GoCardless founder Matt Robinson.

Matt Robinson, investor in Docbot Labs, said: “With an ever-expanding range of tools, and where employee tenure is shorter than ever and interactions are increasingly remote, centralising developer knowledge is clearly going to be a critical part of any good tech organisations developer toolkit moving forwards.”

Previous investments by Frontline Ventures include Humaans and now-bust events startup Pollen.