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UK tech industry to add estimated 15,000 jobs this year – report

Tech jobs

Tech industry workers account for 6.3% of the total UK workforce, with nearly 15,000 new tech jobs projected this year, according to a new report.

The data, which was gathered by the Computer Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) for its State of the Tech Workforce UK report, shows that organisations employed approximately two million tech workers in the UK as of 2021.

While job growth is slower than previously expected due to cuts across various industries in the UK, CompTIA reported that the tech industry as a whole avoided the worst of the job losses. That’s despite notable cutbacks at some UK tech firms, such as Cazoo, Hopin and Uncapped.

Tracking the increase in tech jobs, the report found that since 2016, tech employment has increased by an estimated 62,140 jobs. That averages 10,356 new tech jobs per year, meaning the projected 15,000 new jobs for this year are a sign of potentially continued growth.

“The tech sector in the UK is strong and growing stronger each year,” said Graham Hunter, executive vice president at CompTIA.

“A well-trained and certified tech workforce makes a significant impact on the nation’s economy. And businesses of all sorts will need more skilled workers if we are going to maintain the growth resulting from the ongoing digital transformation efforts that accelerated during the pandemic.”

Breaking it down by region, the report found that Manchester is the top area for tech recruitment in the UK outside of London. It’s followed by Bristol, Glasgow, Birmingham, and Edinburgh.

Northern Ireland is projected to see the largest percentage increase in net tech employment this year.

The report stated that the tech industry now accounts for 5.5% of the UK economy.

“Over the last few years, the technology industry and technology professionals have proven how vital they are to the entire nation,” said Estelle Johannes, senior director of global communities at CompTIA.

“The drastic changes and ongoing uncertainty highlighted how important a robust technology ecosystem is to the success of the economy.”