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Science lead gen platform to double headcount ahead of Asia expansion

Image credit: SciLeads

Science lead generation software firm SciLeads is doubling its headcount to 100 over the next two years as part of an expansion into the Asian markets.

The Belfast-based company also plans to launch new products. It gives marketing and sales teams access to scientific researchers, detailing their funding status and research interests.

Daniel McRitchie, CEO of SciLeads, said: “We believe our exciting plans for 2023 will enable us to double our headcount again over the next two years. We are open to all options in assisting us with our plans, including taking on investment from the right partner.”

SciLeads was founded in 2016 by McRitchie, Laura Haldane and James Campbell. Most of its employees reside in Northern Ireland and Canada.

The headcount expansion at SciLeads goes against the current trend in much of the technology world, with many startups scaling back their numbers. Last week, businesses including Paddle and Beamery were the latest to make layoffs.

Job cuts are not just affecting smaller tech companies but also larger technology corporations such as Meta and Amazon, both of which have recently announced mass layoffs.

“Finding talent in today’s market is definitely a challenge, particularly on the technical side. However, our remote first working has helped us to overcome this by hiring anywhere in the world, as well as being flexible with our current staff,” said Laura Haldane, co-founder and VP of sales and marketing, SciLeads.