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Oxford Metrics appoints Vicon boss as new CEO

Oxford Metrics
Image credit: Oxford Metrics

London-listed software firm Oxford Metrics has today appointed Imogen Moorhouse as its newest chief executive.

Founded in 1984, Oxford Metrics develops digital twin software, which is used by 10,000 “active” clients, according to the firm.

Use cases for the digital twin software span healthcare, engineering, entertainment and virtual reality with customers like Imperial College London, Boeing, NASA and Epic Games says Oxford Metrics.

Among its most notable projects was the Vicon motion capture system used in the popular ABBA Voyage holographic tour. New CEO Moorhouse will continue running the Vicon business.

“With a 22-year tenure at Vicon, the last 11 years as Vicon CEO, we are very fortunate to have a natural successor,” said Roger Parry, chairman of Oxford Metrics.

“Imogen has been integral to strategic initiatives and growth to date, and we look forward to supporting her as she leads and scales the business towards its five-year plan for growth.”

Taking over from the previous Oxford Metrics CEO Nick Bolton, Moorhouse also joins the board of directors.

“I look forward to working closely with the Board and the broader teams to drive further momentum in capturing the expanding market opportunity in Smart Sensing,” said Moorhouse.

The Yarnton, Oxfordshire-headquartered company’s stock price is at £91.76, down 13.02% from the beginning of the year.

Oxford Metrics’ revenue saw a 70% increase to £21.3m in its six month results up to the end of March this year. Its net cash rose 224% from £19.6m to £63.6m.

The firm sold its infrastructure asset management division, Yotta, for £52m last year.