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UK tech firms lead way for offering hybrid working

hybrid working uk

The overwhelming majority – 91% – of UK tech companies now offer hybrid working arrangements for employees, with 42% of them providing completely flexible working.

Data shared exclusively with UKTN by recruitment firm Hays shows that the tech industry is significantly above the UK average of 67% for offering hybrid working options.

Since the mass switch to remote working during the pandemic, the majority of office employees have consistently said they prefer to have the option to work from home for at least part of the week.

Employers looking to attract and retain talent in a competitive job market have in turn become more accomodating to the working preferences of staff.

The Hays data, which came from a survey of 9,000 respondents, also shows that 53% of companies who are hiring tech professionals plan to hire fully remote based staff.

“With only 8% of tech professionals disclosing that they would prefer a full-time office job, it is encouraging that the tech industry remains ahead of the average UK employer when it comes to offering flexibility,” said James Hallahan, director of Hays Technology (UK&I).

Out of all the companies interviewed in the survey, 60% said they will reconsider how they use their workplace such as decreasing office space and using hotdesking.

“With the demand for tech talent not falling anytime soon, employers are having to go over and above to make sure their offering is attractive to professionals across the sector – including remote working,” added Hallahan.

The majority of tech professionals (82%) said that their work-life balance had gotten better as a result of hybrid working. It was also found that 43% tech professionals would favour a completely remote role, with 49% preferring a hybrid approach.

A separate survey conducted by Microsoft in March found that 43% of business leaders in the UK said productivity had been negatively impacted since the move to remote or hybrid working.

When it comes to hiring new talent remotely, Hallahan suggested that companies review their interview process to make it more suitable for a video call format, and to find ways of maintaining online company culture with remote employees.