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Weaver secures £3m to match homeowners with architects


Weaver, a digital contract negotiation startup for homeowners and architects, has closed a £3m seed round led by Btov Partners.

Founded in 2017, Weaver is a digital platform that uses an algorithm to match homeowners seeking major renovation projects with architects. The service creates a centralised experience for users who can compare prices and negotiate details in a single online space.

London-based Weaver will use the funds to expand its software as a service (SaaS) platform across the UK. Florian Schweitzer, a partner at Btov will also be taking a seat on the board of directors at Weaver.

“We have built the first proper SaaS tendering platform anywhere for home renovations, where users today can exchange information via messaging, document sharing, and site meeting organisation,” said Weaver co-founder and CEO Greg Keane.

“We started off as two industry founders looking for product/market fit with no-code SaaS, bootstrapping whilst minimising investment. We then invited two tech founders to join us in 2020, and it took around one and a half years to reach product/market fit on a proprietary platform.”

Contractors who are looking to be listed on Weaver’s platform will have to go through a vetting process from the company, as well as regular checks and reviews to ensure a high level of quality.

“Weaver is fixing a fundamental problem of communication between homeowners and contractors: sourcing contractors they can trust and building confidence in a renovation price,” Keane said.

“Next, we will be solving the problems of understanding how to get a contract agreed and removing the risk of contractor bankruptcy with fully insured escrow payments.”

Other participants in the seed funding round included FJ Labs, Enterprise Fund and Dr Stefan Heitmann, founder and CEO of MoneyPark and PriceHubble, among others.

The company previously raised $1.5m in pre-seed funding from several angel investors. The total amount raised by the company is now $5.5m (£4.2m).