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DoorFeed raises £6m for property data platform

Image credit: SaiArLawKa2 / Shutterstock

DoorFeed, a London-based data platform providing investment groups with insights on the property market, has raised £6m in a seed extension round.

Founded in 2021 by James Kirimy, who previously helped launch Uber’s expansion into the UK and ran its electrification department, DoorFeed aggregates residential properties into portfolios backed by market data for institutional investors.

The DoorFeed platform analyses large volumes of sources to provide insights on things like market value and energy performances to build out property portfolios.

“We’re on a mission to institutionalise the residential market across Europe by making it as easy to buy properties as it is to buy stocks to investment managers,” said Kirimy.

“We are focused on creating market-beating strategies with our clients and playing a leading role in addressing the housing crisis.”

Kirimy said that the “US market has been leading the way and investors are now looking to penetrate Europe”.

The latest funding for DoorFeed was led by Motive Partners and featured participation from Stride VC and Seedcamp.

Sia Houchangia, a partner at Seedcamp said DoorFeed is “revolutionising the way institutional capital is deployed in the European real estate market”.

Backed by new funding, the company will seek to expand its business across Europe.