UKTN Podcast ep7: Framework co-founder Asha Haji on scaling up the smart way

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Episode seven of the UKTN Podcast is out now. This week’s guest is Asha Haji, co-founder of on-demand business school Framework, which provides lifelong learning for employees as their company scales.

During the show, Haji explains why the skills needed for an early-stage startup are often completely different to one that has scaled to a much larger size.

Framework, which is currently testing with a 100-person beta community, is aiming to give startup employees the skills they need to evolve with their company as it grows.

While it’s primarily for employees, Framework is also a resource hub for founders, drawing on the experience of Framework’s network of tech entrepreneurs and Haji’s previous venture, Founders Academy.

“We got a lot of founders who were like: ‘help’,” said Haji, who is a computer scientist turned Harvard MBA.

Framework’s network includes “rockstar” entrepreneurs but also aims to elevate the operators of lesser-known startups who “aren’t on the cover of Fortune Magazine”.

Once fully launched, the Framework community will share actionable insights in areas such as product, growth, ops, people, data, engineering and design.

Haji tells UKTN Podcast host Mark McDonagh about the importance of building a community and managing it once it gets grows.

She also digs into the exponential complexity of adding more employees to a business, and her advice for companies going through that process.

“People, when they scale these businesses, they don’t think about necessarily how every time you add a person, you’re adding complexity to the business exponentially,” explains Haji. “And the communications channels and silos become much more complicated to manage.”

Away from scaling, Haji explains how Framework went about raising a $2m seed round in November last year.

Haji also touches on the gender bias that female founders face while raising cash: “More often than not female founders get questions about the viability of the model. And more often than not, male founders get conversations about the possibilities.”

You can listen to all this and more in the latest episode of the UKTN Podcast here.

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