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The UK tech jobs for international applicants

UK tech job candidate

The UK has long been an attractive destination for international job-seekers and despite concerns around declining immigration post-Brexit, it continues to attract vast numbers of foreign workers – including for UK tech jobs.

That’s according to recent data presented by Indeed at a roundtable event held in its London HQ.

The finding, led by analysts Darina Jiang and Alexander Groutides, established that searches for jobs in the UK from abroad are higher than international searches for EU roles.

Competitive market for UK tech jobs

In fact, searches for UK jobs by non-UK workers rose 146% from a pandemic low of 2.2% in April 2021 to 5.5% in June 2023 and software roles are among the jobs in the highest demand, commanding a 7% share in overseas searches.

In 2022, net migration to the UK amounted to 606,000 (immigration was estimated at 1.2m and emigration was 557,000) with most people arriving from non-EU countries.

A large proportion of these job seekers are coming from Nigeria, South Africa and India. Ukrainian refugees also make up a large portion of those searching for jobs in the UK.

And while the number of jobs available has declined, job seeker numbers have increased by 20% meaning competition for candidates is high.

Tapping into your UK tech network

So, how can those looking to secure a new job in 2024 make sure their applications stand out?

Indeed’s data also established that despite 80% of all tech role applications submitted via the formal online route, they only represent about half of new hires, which means that personal recommendations still hold a lot of sway.

And while networking alone won’t help you land a job, no matter how many conferences you attend, tapping into your professional network is an opportune way to glean essential information about your industry and potential job openings that are coming down the tracks.

It’s also a good idea to connect with alumni from your university, particularly if you both work in the same field as this will help broaden your pool.

Having a network of professional peers is also a great way to get more information on the jobs that you are applying for online.

Whatever avenue you explore, make the UKTN Job Board your starting point.

Featuring thousands of jobs in companies that are actively recruiting in the UK, it’s the ideal place to focus your search. Below we’re highlighting three roles that are recruiting right now but you can find many more at the UKTN Job Board.

Senior IT infrastructure engineer, Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), Didcot

The Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) is seeking a talented Senior infrastructure engineer to join its Digital infrastructure team. In this role, you will have the opportunity to deploy and maintain STFC’s IT infrastructure, with a specific focus on Microsoft 365, servers, storage, and security systems. You will also leverage your extensive expertise in cloud services, virtual and physical server management, and storage solutions to deliver innovative solutions, and ensure system stability and security.

View additional details here.

Operator (XSS, SQL – network engineer), GCHQ, ENG

The cyber operations team at GCHQ is looking for an operator to work on the front line of cybersecurity and work collaboratively with exploit developers and intelligence analysts across a wide section of the business to pursue targets. The ideal candidate will have a genuine interest in technology, automation and virtualisation, and an understanding of Windows/Linux operating systems and security fundamentals. You will also be supported with additional training and development opportunities.

See the full job description here.

.NET architect – Social Messaging Platform –  Noir Consulting, London

Noir Consulting is working with a social messaging platform in London to hire a .NET Architect. Successful .NET architect candidates should be able to demonstrate strong knowledge of: .NET 7 / .NET Core / ASP.NET MVC, Web API 2, Entity Framework, Microservices, Azure, JavaScript, Angular 14, Bootstrap, Agile and SQL Server 2022. Training will be provided in any of the technologies you lack, allowing you to turn your technological weaknesses into your greatest strengths.

If this sounds like the kind of opportunity you are looking for, you can find more information here.

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