London Community Event to spotlight how knowledge workers can improve collaboration

London collaboration event

Today’s knowledge workers often get lost in decision-making. When using so many different collaboration apps and productivity tools, it can be really hard to know how to get it right.

That’s why business transformation experts, Adaptavist, and work management leaders monday.com are coming together on Thursday to host an inaugural London Community Event at Adaptavist’s London HQ.

The event will introduce businesses of all sizes, and their knowledge workers, to the benefits of using cloud-based project management and collaboration platforms via live demonstrations and best practices.

Ahead of the event, we had the opportunity to sit down with the event’s organisers and some of its top participants, including, Indre Gruzauskaite, strategic partnerships manager at Adaptavist, Jari Worsley, head of product at Adaptavist, and Guy Hirsch, regional director of EMEA partnerships for monday.com, to preview their remarks and hear how communities can be a powerful learning tool to improve the utilisation of project management and team collaboration tools, which can ultimately transform businesses and drive productivity.

What’s the goal of this community event, and why is community important?

Indre Gruzauskaite: There are quite a few organisations out there that market themselves as partners for work management solutions like monday.com, but very few build a community like we do at Adaptavist.

We’re really big on creating an open dialogue with the knowledge workers actually using these tools and creating groups that can collectively bring together best practices.

As we build a community and user group for monday.com, we’re holding this event to find out what problems people are trying to solve when they turn to platforms such as monday.com to help manage every aspect of their work.

Are you tackling marketing problems? Or management teams? Are you lacking transparency or autonomy? Come and talk with us. We will listen, and understand – and this event is a chance to meet like-minded professionals and network and socialise, from engineering to product managing.

We’re building an open dialogue together. We’ve done this with Atlassian, where we’ve been part of that community, and now we’ve partnered with monday.com, and we want to learn more about their users, grow together, and listen to those people. We had a similar event in Toronto in June, and we’re excited to bring it to London for the first time. We’ll also have special guests, including the monday.com AI Hackathon Winner joining us.

How does building a community around a collaboration platform improve its effectiveness?

Jari Worsley: To us, building a community means bringing people together whose interests are aligned. We’ve found these types of communities can be super useful around specific tools and platforms, and community events like this one go a long way in bringing online communities offline within the geographic areas they live. We’ve done them as part of our work with Atlassian in the past, and we’re now committing to organising these events on a regular basis with those who are using or are thinking about using monday.com.

What can those reading this expect to experience if they decide to attend? 

Indre Gruzauskaite: There will be opportunities to network and gain inspiration from local industry peers and experts. This event will bring together professionals, thought leaders, marketers, and project management enthusiasts from throughout the UK to learn and share insights on how innovative project management and team collaboration tools can transform businesses and drive productivity.

What features make monday.com a good collaboration tool for knowledge workers?

Guy Hirsch: monday.com is a platform that has the ability to fit almost any process or business requirement as we see it used across 200 different business verticals and more than 180,000 clients worldwide. Most tools are developed to do one to two things well, and they are often too rigid to quickly fit the frequent changes that knowledge workers today encounter.

Our work management platform is truly democratising software by allowing knowledge workers to fit the tooling to their needs and style fully and not the other way around.

Why is monday.com teaming with Adaptavist to tap into this London community?

Guy Hirsch: Adaptavist is a global monday.com partner having advanced delivery tier capabilities bringing vast and proven experience in work management practice, leading organisational change management and transformation for large-scale enterprises as well as SMBs and mid-market businesses.

This is something that can really augment our go-to-market within key markets like the UK.

WHAT: Adaptavist and Monday.com’s London Community Event

WHEN: Thursday, October 19, 2023, from 4.30 pm – 8:00 pm

WHERE: Adaptavist’s London HQ, 28 Scrutton Street, London, EC2A 4RP

Register here now for the London Community Event. 

In partnership with Adaptavist