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Want a job in cybersecurity? Discover 3 great UK roles hiring now

cybersecurity jobs and roles in the UK hiring
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These days, data breaches regularly make the news cycle: last March Microsoft was targeted, with Cortana and Bing compromised by hackers. The company acted swiftly and shut the attempt down, but Crypto.com wasn’t so lucky when it was breached: hackers stole cryptocurrency from customers worth $35m.

In 2022, T-Mobile settled a data breach from the year prior with a $350m payout to affected customers. And already this year, companies such as Reddit, Mailchimp and PayPal have announced breaches.

Reddit explained that hackers got hold of a single employee’s credentials and went from there. “The attacker gained access to some internal docs, code, as well as some internal dashboards and business systems,” said CTO Christopher Slowe in a company statement.

Cyber threats

Data breaches are one reason why cybersecurity jobs are in high demand. We are now seeing an increasing frequency and sophistication of cyberattacks thanks to the increasing use of the internet and connected devices. As a result, businesses, organisations and government agencies have become more vulnerable to cyber threats such as hacking, malware, phishing, and data breaches.

The rise in cloud adoption is spurring employment in the sector too. Ofcom says that in 2018, less than 10% of all business IT spend globally was for public cloud services. The picture changed in 2020 and 2021, when spending on cloud services saw growth due to the pandemic. Then, public cloud spend rose to 17% of all business IT spend globally.

Cloud computing has created a new set of security challenges that have contributed to the growing demand for cybersecurity jobs. While the cloud conveniently allows organisations to store and access data and applications over the internet, this comes with increased risk.

One of the main concerns is the security of the data stored in the cloud. There is also an increased risk of data breaches because data is stored and processed on shared infrastructure, making it more difficult to secure and manage.

These factors are fuelling the rise in demand for cybersecurity professionals. The Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport reported that more than 6,000 new jobs were added to the UK’s 50,000-strong cyber workforce in 2022 alone.

Particularly in demand are those who can monitor and respond to security incidents in real time, and who have a deep understanding of cloud security architecture and best practices. If that’s you, then discover three interesting open cybersecurity roles below. Or, browse the UKTN Job Board for many more.

Security engineer, Starling Bank, London

Starling’s infrastructure spans AWS, Google Cloud and physical data centres to support internal operations. The security engineer will work within the security engineering team to engineer and support the technical mechanisms that keep the bank’s systems and data secure at all times. You’ll design, build and maintain internal security tools, controls and services and investigate, triage and manage security incidents. You will need knowledge of public IaaS technologies, in particular AWS and GCP, have experience working in a DevOps, SRE, security engineering and/or software development role, as well as a working knowledge of applied cryptographic techniques. Interested? Discover more about the job here.

Cyber security compliance lead, OneWeb, London

OneWeb is seeking a cyber security compliance lead with a passion for security – with a focus on ensuring governance, risk and compliance are properly done. You’ll focus on providing security assurance support to the whole business and will be pivotal in monitoring security risks and, through audits, assure compliance evidence is available. Five to ten years experience in delivering and supporting governance, risk and compliance projects is required, as is evidence of academic or professional qualification or applicable experience in the industry. You will also need knowledge of standards including NIST 800 series, UK CAF, ISO27001, CMMC and ENISA. Get the full job description here.

Senior information security analyst, American Express Company, London

American Express is looking for a senior information security analyst to be a technical lead in its Cyber Fusion Center, where the team provides rapid investigation and response to cybersecurity incidents which impact AmEx globally. You will provide advanced technical oversight and support to information security analysts conducting cyber incident investigations, maintain awareness of real-world infosec threats, and innovate new analytic methods for detecting threats. To be considered, you will need substantial information security experience and technical understanding, including network, endpoint and OSINT security tools and a range of cloud, Mac, Linux and Windows platforms. Find out more here.

Explore a vast range of exciting opportunities in tech via the UKTN Job Board.

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