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Roadmap to AI regulation: Sumsub London event 

AI regulation roadmap event in London

With AI fraud on the rise and the global AI market valued at $100bn expected to grow twentyfold by 2030, what does the roadmap to AI regulation look like? 

Join leading experts for an exclusive opportunity to delve into the dynamic world of AI regulation. Sumsub’s ‘Multiverse’ event will bring together experts for live discussions on the intricacies of an AI regulatory framework.  

It’s not just a conference; it’s a chance to connect with like-minded professionals who share your passion for cutting-edge technology and its future. 

AI in 2023 

This year, companies are rapidly integrating AI into their operations. They recognise its potential to usher in groundbreaking solutions for various challenges and inefficiencies. From combating financial crime to thwarting deepfake attacks and streamlining arduous processes, AI offers a wealth of possibilities. However, this very technology also equips fraudsters with increasingly sophisticated tools, heightening the risks. 

As businesses navigate this ever-evolving regulatory landscape, the challenge of crafting effective AI regulations intensifies. The central question is: how can companies strike the right balance between harnessing AI-driven innovations, ensuring regulatory compliance, and preventing the misuse of this technology? 

Balancing innovation and compliance risks with AI 

When it comes to drafting AI regulations, there are several critical questions: what takes precedence, innovation or safety and compliance requirements? Is it possible to regulate AI without stifling innovation? Can self-regulation within the fintech sector be a viable alternative to government oversight? These questions will all be addressed in an expert debate. 

Exploring AI in fintech and regtech 

The event will feature a fireside chat that explores the current applications of AI in fintech and regtech. These include the regulatory challenges hindering AI adoption in financial services this year and beyond, as well as how policymakers and industry leaders can collaboratively craft an effective AI regulation roadmap. 

In addition, speakers will explore whether policymakers are actively investigating AI technologies, and if there are regulations in place specifically designed for the private sector. 

After an evening of engaging discussions, there will be dinner, networking, and cocktails, allowing guests to connect with fellow attendees and continue the conversation in a relaxed and social setting. 

Multiverse community 

Leading companies have participated in previous events, and the community is built on genuine talks and networking. The community ensures that no time is wasted, with real discussions led by industry experts on real-life business cases and best practices.  

Every member of the event is pre-moderated, ensuring a fantastic experience. As a trusted community member, you can receive additional perks, including access to invite-only events, expert content, and unique networking opportunities. 


Date: 23 November 2023, 6.30pm

Location: De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms, London, UK 

The number of attendees is limited, so be sure to seize this opportunity to join us for this unique experience. Register today