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Future Worlds 23: Pitching on the global stage

Future Worlds pitch
The Future Worlds 2023 cohort

It’s day four of the Future Worlds 2023 cohort’s trip across San Francisco and it’s the group’s most important event yet – pitch time.

After a week of learning about the Silicon Valley startup culture, it was time for the Southampton-based cohort to deliver their pitches to an audience of California’s top tech decision-makers.

Before the planned pitch in the evening, the group met with Wilson Sonsini, the go-to law firm for tech startups in the region.

After finding their feet in San Francisco, the cohort ironed out their pitches in front of lawyers from one of the Bay Area’s most respected firms.

Following an afternoon at Wilson Sonsini, the Southampton cohort was ready to deliver their pitches to an audience of founders, investors, and Silicon Valley heavyweights.

The founders delivering their pitches were:

Dr Sylwia Barker – founder of MicroVita, a biotech platform that offers toxicological testing of new drugs.

Dr Andrew Shapanis – founder of Xgenera, a company offering early cancer diagnostics.

Jessica Jobson – founder of Journally, an app promoting the mental and physical health of elite athletes.

Dr Chris Holmes and Dr Martynas Beresna – founders of Asterium, a company providing real-time maintenance reports for drones.

Professor Sebastian Stein – founder of Evtonomy, a platform to determine the most efficient way to charge electric vehicles.

Til Jordan – founder of LZero, a company that tests blockchain security and efficacy.

Tamara Ivancoa – founder of Amara Automotive, a provider of next-generation e-bikes that have the safety and storage of cars.

The cohort successfully delivered their pitches to the San Francisco crowd and were exhilarated that they stood tall among the founder talks regularly delivered in the Valley.

“It’s a bigger crowd than we’ve delivered to before, and from all different backgrounds, so people have a lot of different perspectives,” said Dr Andrew Shapanis.

“In the US, everything is bigger, think bigger, dream bigger, go bigger, go big or go home. Business in the US can be cutthroat, but it’s a lot more focused”.

The Future Worlds accelerator, part of the University of Southampton, arranged for a UKTN reporter to follow its 2023 cohort on its trip through Silicon Valley.

The trip included founders from Amara Automotive, Asterium, evtonomy, Journally, LZero and MicroVita.