What are the most effective types of advertising for DeFi projects?

The decentralized finance (DeFi) space is becoming increasingly cluttered with noise, so creating the perfect marketing strategy is key to break through and launch successfully, especially when you have a perfect DeFi project to match. There are a number of different factors to consider and approaches to take, so let’s run you through the most important types of advertising that can elevate your DeFi marketing strategy!

  • DeFi trackers, ratings, calendars, and listings

 When people are looking to find a DeFi project, they check out trackers, ratings, calendars, and reviews. So, getting yourself on these needs to be a main focus of your DeFi marketing plan. The best way to get listed is to reach out to their listing teams. You’ll want to be on all the big sites, such as DeFi Pulse, DeFi Rate, Etherescan’s DeFi tracker, and CoinMarketCap. These types of sites get large amounts of traffic, so you’ll be able to grow your brand exposure very quickly as well as pick up some high-quality leads.

  • Media advertising (Display ads)

 Getting high-quality media ads placed on top quality display ad networks for DeFi is an incredible boost for any DeFi project. By making full use of geotargeting, ad frequency capping, publisher whitelisting, and budget control tools, you can take your DeFi promotion to the next level. And it is usually the most established crypto ad networks that boast the full suite of tools that you will need. 

If you take full advantage of all the refinement tools that display ad networks offer, you can get an incredible bang for your buck. Best of all, specialist crypto display ad networks have no qualms about DeFi, so you don’t need to worry about your ad campaign having a limited reach or getting pulled. 

Speaking about crypto display ads in DeFi, Tanya Petrusenko, Head of Business Development at Bitmedia crypto ad network, said “By combining a range of creatives with ad frequency capping and correct geotargeting, data points to crypto display ads being the most cost-effective way to convert potential DeFi users into repeat users.”

  • Social media marketing, forums, and community management

Social media is the beating heart of the crypto world, so making sure you’ve got an active and engaging presence on the top social media platforms is vital. Hiring a dedicated social media or community management team will do your DeFi project wonders. Facebook groups, Reddit, Telegram, Twitter, and BitcoinTalk are all great places where you should be. There are already hordes of crypto enthusiasts there, so tapping into the potential will yield you great results. Finally, fostering a strong community of dedicated followers will reward you in the long-term too.

Bitcoin Talk
Image source: BitcoinTalk 
  • SEO and content marketing

Content marketing and working on your SEO is an integral part of marketing DeFi projects. Without content and proper SEO search engines won’t be able to rank you. This means you won’t show up in search results, which may significantly harm the overall audience reach. Instead of approaching SEO and content marketing from a volume perspective, it’s better to give readers real value.

This is one of the instances, where less is more. Give detailed guides, walkthroughs, and explanations. Search engines will give you more respect and better rankings if you create high quality content over low quality in mass quantities. As for SEO, make sure you’re doing the essentials. DeFi is a saturated space, meaning that while SEO is vital, it’s tough to get your page to the top of Google.

  • Brand mentions and backlink farming

To get more eyeballs on your DeFi project, you need to get your name out there. Therefore, reaching out to publications that have an established readership is essential. You can offer your tokens in exchange for a brand mention, a feature article, or a simple backlink. Still, do keep in mind that the top DeFi projects mostly never retain tokens at launch and therefore it may be a good idea to find other ways of partnering with media. All of these are great for SEO and brand awareness, so this needs to be a core part of your DeFi advertising campaign.

  • Targeted and search advertising

Targeted and search advertising has the power to bring in huge amounts of traffic in a short space of time. By using an array of keyword planning tools and refinement, you can hand-pick your audience. Appearing at the top of search results is a sure-fire way to get your DeFi project noticed. However, Google and other DeFi advertising platforms are becoming stricter with crypto related ads, so keep an eye on their updates to ensure that your ads comply with their rules.

  • Influencer marketing

Teaming up with an influencer that has hundreds of thousands of followers is always a neat idea. They can promote your DeFi project to their fans, and usually some will always convert. Brand integration is what makes the wheels turn in the influencer world, and whilst every influencer on the planet would want to team up with you, it is incremental to pick right. Moreso, measuring the results of such campaigns is tough, unless you create special URLs for each influencer.  


All of these points should be part of your DeFi marketing plans. Some will yield far greater results than others with a smaller spend required. For instance, crypto display ads pack an incredible effectiveness, thanks to the variety of settings you can use to fine-tune and refine your campaign.

Social media, content and trackers are also great areas to focus on. These are places where your ideal traders are already spending massive amounts of time. If you can get your DeFi coins on an advertising network for DeFi, as well as these sites and services, you’ll already be one step closer to reaching the DeFi hall of fame!