The most innovative casino games of 2022

Online casinos continue to grow and thrive. In the UK alone, they generate over £3.1 billion in revenue every year. That certainly speaks volumes when it comes to looking at how popular casinos really are. Some may wonder why they’re so popular and why this popularity continues to grow. Well, it’s all down to the fact that this is an industry that is always innovating.

Casino game developers and operators embrace new technology as soon as they can. This has led to things such as the live casino experience and a constant supply of new, and exciting games. Here’s a look at the most innovative from 2022.


The Plinko game is based on an American game show which was extremely popular in its own right. Something that really appeals with this game is that it goes back to basics. It innovates by combining the best in simplicity with the very best in fun. This results in a top casino game.

All that you need to do in the game is to press one of three coloured buttons. Corresponding discs fall from the top of the screen and are deflected by pegs as they fall. Land the disc and win. You can make the game more difficult by increasing the number of pegs.

Deal or No Deal: The Big Draw

If you were ever a fan of the TV show then you’re going to love this addition to online casinos. Part of the way in which casinos innovate is to stay up to date with current trends. Deal or No deal has certainly been around for a few years now, but people still love looking back at the magic that this show created.

You’ll find that the online casino version features a professional presenter and allows you to experience the game as if you were actually in the TV studio. There is, of course, also the banker, who’s looking to minimise your winnings.

Speed baccarat

Innovation also comes in the form of modern-day twists on traditional casino classics. That’s exactly what has happened here with speed baccarat. This is a game that takes baccarat to a new level with a faster pace and a thrill that you’ll find hard to match anywhere else.

In speed baccarat, there is no teasing players by turning up the corner of a card. Instead, the dealer reveals the cards as soon as they’re dealt, leading to a faster-paced, excitement-filled, version of a classic.

Cash or Crash

What makes this ball drawing game so amazing is the ingenious mechanic that it employs. This ball drawing game sees you as a passenger in an airship which is floating high above a city. You pay your stake and your aim is to multiply it as the ship gets higher and higher.

When gold or green balls are drawn, you go up a level. As soon as a red is drawn, the game ends. You need to decide the best time to cash out before the red ball is drawn and you lose it all.