Is it Worth Installing Gamban Blocker?

Over 15% of people from the United Kingdom gamble at least once per month. Of course, most gamble more frequently. There are 280.000 gamblers with addiction and some of them use Gamban. This is a platform that will be presented on most UK sites. A player can create an account, choose the self-exclusion period or install the blocker. 

However, when you use GamStop self-exclusion you still have access to many non-GamStop casino sites on NonGamStopSlots that accept all UK players. But if you use a gambling blocker like Gamban, the majority of those sites will become unavailable for the selected period of time. Once the period expires, a player can continue gambling at these websites.

Who Don’t Need Gamban

All players who gamble when they want and don’t have any problems with gambling do not need Gamban. If you can control your gambling, it doesn’t affect your income and you play occasionally for fun, you do not need this platform. There is no need to check it out, create an account, or anything similar.

If someone created the account without you knowing or you did this by a mistake, you will need to look for casinos not on Gamban! This is the only alternative to gamble despite the Gamban exclusion and the only method that actually works. You cannot bypass Gamban in another way. Sites that are not members of the blocker still offer great games, plenty of bonuses, and all other perks as you would expect.

Professional gamblers do not need Gamban. All of them know how to control their gambling, which games to play, and also where to play. They do not need any blocking system of this kind. After all, for them, this is a profession and usually the main income. Limiting yourself in this way is something not a single professional gambler will do. The situation is the same with players who want to become professionals at some point. They need to practice. Just to add, Gamban limits your access to free casino games or demo games that are used to practice and master a game for free.

Last but not least, occasional players who enjoy playing slots or other casino games do not need this platform. In a nutshell, all gamblers who don’t suffer from gambling addiction or related problems do not need GamBan. This platform is designed for a specific purpose and can be useful in specific cases. In other cases, it is completely irrelevant and not needed.

The Reasons to install Gamban

Basically, Gamban is designed to help problem gamblers. As we have mentioned earlier, this is a platform that works with most UK casinos and many gamblers choose it when seeking support. The idea here is that a player who recognizes he has an issue such as gambling addiction will deliberately limit his access to gambling sites. Once his addiction is solved, he can return to gambling. In other words, you can have time in which you cannot gamble and that time should be used to cure the addiction. A big drawback here is if you sort out the addiction before the self-exclusion period, you won’t be able to remove the ban. You still must wait for the period to end and then you can continue gambling.

Another type of gambler who can use GamBan is those that are at risk of developing a gambling addiction. This can happen to the best and it is better to treat it as soon as possible. Last but not least, players who want to keep themselves from casinos can use Gamban as well. It is completely voluntary and there are no issues you need to worry about. Keep in mind that despite the Gamban account, all sites that are not members of this organization will still be available. They may use other platforms or not use any blocker.

This blocker can also be used by family members who want to help their loved ones. In reality, this is one of the most common reasons why some players get their ban. Sadly, this involves personal information sharing that can be an issue for most players.


Gamban is a popular blocking software found at most casinos. It allows you to distance yourself from gambling for a specified period of time. Sadly, you cannot end that ban before it expired. Gamblers with addiction and similar problems do need Gamban. All other players do not and for them, this is a completely irrelevant option. As always, play responsibly and have fun.