Eco startup Wild secures £2m investment

Wild Cosmetics, the design-led personal care start-up behind the UK’s first refillable plastic-free deodorant has raised £2min seed funding as it sets its sights on cleaning up the bathroom’s contribution to landfill.

In a round led by Jam Jar Investments, the subscription-based firm which has cemented a loyal following of 100,000 customers and sold 300,000 of its gender neutral line of elegantly designed natural deodorants since April 2020, raised the cash injection from Jam Jar Investments, Creative Investment Club and dutch Slingshot Ventures.

Launched in August 2019 by Freddy Ward and Charlie Bowes-Lyon, the London-based firm will use the funding to double down on growth, expand product range, drive international expansion and continue to invest in team & tech.

“While most of us are now familiar with using compost bins for food waste, or putting glass, paper and cans in the ‘right’ bin, the bathroom is lagging behind in terms of reducing household landfill.” says Freddy Ward, co-founder of Wild Cosmetics.

“Less than 50% of products are recycled, compared with 80% of kitchen products. The famous, legacy personal care brands remain highly invested in single use plastic and refill options are rare. We feel the bathroom is going to change radically over the next five years – and packaging has to change. We want to be the company that tries to push everyone forward and challenge the industry norms.” 

The result of their endeavour is Wild, a gender neutral line of elegantly designed, beautifully scented, effective natural deodorants perfectly suited to the Instagram generation. 

The cream-based, vegan formula is made with natural botanical oils, butters and waxes and is free from gluten, aluminium, BHT and triclosan and features five lush scent choices driven by its own consumer feedback. It’s a mass premium product that’s extremely user-friendly. 

The future currently looks, and smells, rosy for Wild. “Our product are good for your body and healthier for the planet. It’s really fundamental to how we think about Wild. We want to make sustainability aspirational, appealing and convenient,” adds Ward.

“There’s huge demand for natural products and we feel pretty confident and when the timing is right, we know there are lots of opportunities in those categories.”