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Why Use Social Channels For Marketing

The importance of social media marketing is no secret these days, with most business owners understanding it is an important factor to successful marketing. However, many don’t understand why. Social media marketing is often thought of as a popularity contest of sorts, in an effort to gain likes, fans and followers, but smart brand owners know and understand that the benefits of using social channels in their marketing strategy run far deeper. Let’s take a look at some of the major benefits to using social media channels for business marketing.

Distributing Content
Social media is a key component to any content marketing strategy, as it is the most effective way to distribute content. Social media channels account for a huge percentage of referral traffic on the Internet, as people search out the content that interests them and share it in different locations on the web, more times than not on a social channel.

Studies indicate that the average person spends over 50% of their time on the internet, with 30% of that time being on social media, making it critical that businesses be on these channels as well as a means of coming to their customers.

Build Brand Awareness
Social media is without a doubt the easiest way to introduce your brand to people. Letting your target audience know your business is there and is an option is critical to success, and social media is an excellent means in which to do that, considering two thirds of the population is actively using it.

There is much data and many statistics to indicate that internet users, especially those using social channels, are heavily influenced by the content the see online, and directly affects their buying behaviours and enhances brand loyalty.

Increase Sales
The purpose of any marketing technique is to increase sales and generate revenue for the business. Social channels are an effective means to do just that, not only by increasing brand awareness and legitimising the brand, but also by actually guiding customers towards the sales funnel. Posting content that includes desirable products and services, as well as promotions and offers will get your business noticed and make it easier to turn members of your target audience into customers.

Provide Excellent Customer Service
Many business owners do not consider the benefits of social channels in regards to customer service. Although most businesses have dedicated support telephone lines, email services and things of this nature, it is important to be available to customers via their preferred method, which these days is social media.

As a business, social media gives you a variety of ways to impress your target market, so build a social media strategy with the above in mind, and you’ll certainly reap the benefits.