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VIDEO: RydeMyPony – the revolutionary app that’s disrupting the pony-sharing industry


 My little pony

It’s easy to become jaded in the startup world. We see so many stale stories and half-baked concepts that when a truly disruptive product trots into our line of vision, we sit up and take notice…

RydeMyPony is one such product – billed as “The world’s first, foremost and finest P2P Location Based Pony Rental Company” the Berlin-based app is set to revolutionise the pony-sharing economy.

The product is the brainchild of Christoph Sollich, best known in the Berlin scene as his startup consultant alter-ego The Pitch Doctor. Deciding to take the plunge into founding his own company Sollich explains his heureka moment: “The problem for non pony-owners is simple,” he says. “You don’t have a pony.”

“But if you do have a pony, you still have a problem… You only use the pony on average of 12.8 minutes per day, but you feed it for 24 hours. We have a solution for that problem.”

Watch the pitch video here:


The app, described as a “viral, hyper-local, cross-platform mobile app that is of course cloud-based” enables pony-owners to check their ponies in to a map location, and potential renters to browse all available ponies in their area. You can then check additional information on the pony before checkout.

The company is looking to secure $5m in seed funding and is currently circulating a video pitch deck that explains the concept in more detail.

Sollich says that RMP has “strong interest from investors and pony-lovers around the world. We´re in talks with Ashton Kutcher and Eva Longoria about investing. (We tend to not mention those talks are unilateral, meaning we tweeted at them and they never replied!)”

Ashton, time to respond – we think we’ve found your next Berlin baby…