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Verticly raises €1m, Microsoft unveils social bots, Elevator Pitch deadline & more

Verticly, a tech startup based in London and Newcastle, has raised over €1m. The company helps brands to engage with both offline and online customers and says it will use the funds to continue its international expansion.

Microsoft Bots

Microsoft has unveiled a new system of bots that can represent businesses and interact with users via Skype.

The social bot named Cortana will act like a human and could help you achieve things like booking a hotel. In more embarrassing news for the tech giant, they reactivated their artificial intelligence twitter bot called Tay who managed to make a stir on social media spewing out nonsensical tweets.

Elevator Pitch – Applications Close on 7th April

We’ve extended the deadline for our Elevator Pitch competition.

You now have until the 7th April to complete your application. Startups have the chance to win their very own promotional video and coverage on the Tech City News website, you’ll also be automatically entered into our awards at the end of the year.

Previous winners have now collectively raised over $80m. Submit your application here.

Spotify VS Apple

Spotify is stepping up the race to beat Apple by taking out one billion dollars in debt financing. Despite being valued at over $8bn the company has chosen to get a cash injection that won’t affect its valuation. The new financing could mean an opportunity to make acquisitions and tap into new audiences of independent listeners.

Download of the Week

Our download of the week is OtotheB, the app was created by the stemettes, an organisation that encourages young girls to pursue STEM subjects. The app connects the students with role models, helps them find work experience opportunities and inspires young girls into STEM careers.

And Finally

European researchers have developed an artificial fingertip that provides tactile feedback to the user. The technology connects a human’s nerves to the bionic finger so they can be stimulated by electronic pulses. That’s it for this week, when humanoids and bots are set to take over!