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Up Group: Tech gender pay discrimination persists

Although median salaries for execs at Europe’s top tech firms have risen 7% over the past year, women are only paid 90p for every £1 earned by men doing the same jobs, according to a report from The Up Group executive search firm.

Salaries for women have increased more rapidly than men during this time, 10% for the gals compared to 8% for chaps, but this hasn’t brought pay parity.

And the ratio of women to men in digital companies still stands at a rather pitiful 1:5.

This year has been a “bumper” one for bonuses handed out to the tech crowd, according to the 2015 Digital Leaders Remuneration report, with the 1,000 executive-level respondents reporting a median 33% increase in additional remuneration, now comprising a quarter of earnings made on top of their salary.

Technology, ecommerce and product execs saw the greatest salary increases over the past year, while gambling, advertising and financial services saw the largest rise in pay packets across their businesses.

Clare Johnston, founder and co-CEO of The Up Group, said: “This year’s report highlights how the European tech industry continues to thrive, and reflects a lot of what we see in our day-to-day experience of building senior management teams.

“It is clear that much more needs to be done to actively address the lack of women in leadership positions, starting with ensuring that they are paid equally in the most senior roles.”

The Up Group has helped the likes of Moo, Zoopla and Skyscanner hunt for top people for their teams.

For further details on the average pay of founders, CEOs, happiness levels and bonus schemes, check out the full report here.