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UK TravelTech startup Accomable acquired by Airbnb

UK TravelTech startup Accomable, which helps disabled and elderly people find adapted hotels and holiday rentals, has been acquired by Airbnb.

Co-founded by childhood friends Srin Madipalli and Martyn Sibley, Accomable raised £300,000 in Seed funding last year.

Madipalli announced the news via a blog post: “Today marks the start of an exciting and historic new chapter in our mission to make travel accessible for disabled people around the world.

“I am delighted to announce that the Accomable team and myself will be joining the Airbnb family to share our unique knowledge and expertise to make one of the world’s largest travel communities more accessible, and to enable Airbnb to fulfil its mission to create a world where anyone can truly belong anywhere.”

Accomable has been backed by undisclosed angel investors from the technology and hospitality industries.

“Our decision to join Airbnb was one that we spent a long time considering. Our work has allowed us to develop unrivalled expertise in the world of accessible travel, building a brand which disabled travellers can trust. I know many in the Accomable community gained comfort from the fact that Accomable was created with a focus on accessibility and I am very sensitive to the fact that some in our community may be concerned that accessibility will again become an afterthought that is drowned out within a larger platform.

“As someone who built Accomable to address a need we all share in the Accomable community, I very much empathise with any nervousness you may have. To address this, the Accomable team and I have spent considerable time with Airbnb’s founding and senior management teams. During our time at Airbnb, we were left in no doubt that Airbnb shares our mission and we are convinced that joining Airbnb provides the best opportunity to take our dream and mission to a global level, using the current reach of Airbnb’s community to work together and make the world more accessible,” Madipalli continued.

In a separate blog post, Airbnb said it would work to include Accomable’s listings into its own platform.

“All of these listings have step-free access, high quality photos and detailed information on a whole range of accessibility adaptations. Perhaps more importantly, Srin and his team will be bringing their tremendous expertise and passion for inclusive travel to Airbnb. As part of the Airbnb team, Srin will lead our efforts to make travel accessible for everyone,” the statement concludes.

Accomable’s site will be shut down over the coming months.