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The Digital Strategy: Reactions from the UK tech community

UK tech reaction Digital Strategy

The UK government has announced its long awaited Digital Strategy, sparking a reaction from technology entrepreneurs across the country.

As expected, the Strategy includes plans to boost the UK’s artificial intelligence and robotics industry, while also highlighting the upcoming launch of a new FinTech competition to stimulate the production of homegrown financial technology products.

Ben Brabyn, head of Level39, a London-based accelerator focused on FinTech, cybersecurity, retail and smart cities technologies, said the government’s Digital Strategy signified a small step toward realigning the country’s position in a rapidly-changing global economy.

Brabyn commented on the announced private sector initiatives, which will see the likes of Lloyds and Google offer free digital training to people across the country, highlighting these as moves in the right direction, but said the government should encourage more incumbents to drive digital innovation....