London-based e-commerce firm Ve Interactive expands to Ireland


London-based e-commerce firm Ve Interactive has announced the opening of a Dublin office to consolidate its presence in Ireland.

Founded in 2009, the company now has 34 offices across the globe, having opened another office in Delhi earlier this year.

Brian O’Keefe, managing director at Ve Interactive, commented on the expansion:  “The Irish eCommerce industry is thriving and Dublin has evolved into a global tech hub over the last decade. Ireland is the EU’s fastest growing economy, and, being a native myself, I’m looking forward to bringing further value to this already booming digital market with our data-led conversion technology.”

The Dublin office, a spokesperson said, will initially house four employees but Ve Interactive, they added, hopes to hire at least 10 more people further down the line.

David J Brown, Ve Interactive’s co-founder and CEO, said: “Ve has experienced exceptional growth worldwide as more and more large companies invest in ecommerce technology, and our latest office will help to expand our client base.

“Competition in Ireland is fierce, so it is essential that retailers maximise their consumer appeal to secure sales – this is where Ve’s technology is becoming so important,” he concluded.