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This UK startup backed by Vint Cerf wants to protect and pass on your digital legacies, gets £1.3M in crowdfunding

Image credits: Emortal

In the digital era, it won’t be surprising to have digital family content. Usually, people believe that their content is backed up safely. However, as technology advances resulting in ageing files, formats and data, it could leave no data left behind. More than preserving the data, it is about correctly interpreting our past life digitally and taking it into the future.

Emortal, a UK digital family content solution founded in 2007 enables families preserve and pass on their digital legacies. The solution has been designed to integrate preservation technology with a future-proof legacy fund to pay for continuous updates. These updates will make sure the digital family heritage lasts for generations.

Equity crowdfunding campaign

Now, Emortal secured more than £1.3M via equity crowdfunding campaign on UK’s Crowdcube. The initial target was to raise £1M but it surpassed the same and attracted over 260 Crowdcube investors. This service will charge you £4.99 per month as a flat subscription fee to preserve your digital content.

The company intends to use the funds from the equity funding round to continue to grow and develop its solution. It operates with the ambition to launch the Emortal solution in Q3 2021 and capitalise on the big tech sector interest. Emortal will be launched in the US and UK in Q3 this year.

What does Emortal do?

Founded by Colin Curloss, Emortal helps you organise, protect, preserve and pass on the digital legacy and protect it from turning unreadable. This solution is backed by Vint Cerf, one of the co-creators and fathers of the internet.

The company will use Google architecture to preserve digital memories such as photos, videos, documents, interviews, correspondence and more into the future. The ultimate idea is to ensure that as operating systems, tech and devices evolves, the entire digital legacy will remain secure, safe, and accessible to those you choose.