UK startup bags £1M to bring people together during lockdown via gaming

Live Tech Games Image credits: Live Tech Games

London-based Live Tech Games is a unique platform that combines mobile entertainment and live gaming tournaments on an exclusive and national scale.

Raised £1M 

Recently, the company has raised £1 million funding from prominent business Angel investors. The funding will be used to accelerate the growth of the platform. 

Founded by Nathan Moore and Samuel Worsley, Live Tech Games aims to fill the gap in the mobile gaming industry for live, light-hearted games; competitive but inclusive; commitment-free, and with the capacity for high reward.

Roshambo Live 

The company’s first app Roshambo Live thrilled UK players went viral with its simple, but an iconic concept: live, knock-out rounds of Rock Paper Scissors, beating out opponents for the chance to win £1,000.

During the lockdown, the UK company offered private, company-specific games. HR departments have used Roshambo Live to connect with workforces whilst they work from home. 

Pubs and bars are signing up

According to the company, even pubs and bars are already signing up to host private Roshambo Live games in their venues as we start to move out of lockdown. 

Currently, relaunching Roshambo Live following the open beta last year, the initial player stats have been, extremely positive, claims the company.

With its standalone technology for live, knock-out tournament-style rounds of simple, family-friendly games, Roshambo Live pairs players up across the country making it possible to connect with family and friends from a safe distance.

Raising investment in one lockdown was a challenge and, we never expected to have to do it for a second round. We saw so much promise for the future of Live Tech Games in the beta launch of our first app and we were delighted our investors felt the same. The early success points towards a growing commercial opportunity in the B2B and media sectors and this incredible investment will allow us to reinforce the potential Live Tech Games has to be a leading industry pioneer.’ says Nathan Moore, CEO, and Co-Founder of Live Tech Games.