This plastic-free online milk delivery UK startup just secured £5M from ETF Partners

Modern Milkman

The Modern Milkman, a Yorkshire-based milk delivery company that hit the headlines for protecting Boris Johnson in a refrigerator during the 2019 general election campaign has raised fresh funding.

£5M funding from ETF Partners

In a recent move, The Modern Milkman just announced that it raised £5M funding from ETF Partners. The company will use the investment to provide an impact in the UK during 2021.

Simon Mellin, the company’s founder and chief executive, said “ETF Partners’ insight, skill and experience in the sustainability space will help us deliver the positive impact we strive to have on the environment at pace, as we move forward with our expansion plans across the UK over the course of 2021”.

Tomer Strikovsky, Investment Manager, ETF Partner, said: “In today’s world, many of us want to reduce our environmental impact on the planet, but convenience remains the key to our daily lives. We are fully convinced that modern milk deliverers will play an important role in changing the way we consume our food, and we continue to be impressed with the founders and their commitment to sustainability.“

Strong demand during pandemic

As per The Modern Milkman, it has witnessed increased revenues of up to tenfold in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is one of the companies that have been benefited during the pandemic crisis. The Modern milk deliverers have enjoyed a strong demand during uncertain time. Given that it has to deliver tens of thousands of milk bottles weekly in Manchester, Leeds and Lancashire, customers can order by 9 PM and get the same delivered by 7:30 AM the next day.

Plastic-free milk supply

The Modern Milkman claims to have reduced the use of 9 tonnes of disposable plastic through a service that develops returnable and reusable packages.