UK healthtech accuRx that helped arrange 21 million COVID-19 vaccines just raised £27.5M


When it comes to patient care, communication is often fragmented and felt by patients in almost every health system worldwide. Addressing this challenge in the growing global healthcare industry worth $8.3 trillion, accuRx offers the first collaborative communications platform that brings patients and their healthcare teams together as a crucial step in integrating care.

Digital transformation in healthcare

Now, the London-based healthtech startup accuRx announced that it has raised £27.5 million in a Series B funding round to lead digital transformation in healthcare. The investment round was led by Lakestar with participation from British Patient Capital, Latitude VS (sister fund to London-based seed investor LocalGlobe), Atomico, Trusted Insight and Encore Capital.

The fresh funds will facilitate the growth of the accuRx’s team, enhancing its offering to GP practices and building products that will enable expansion into secondary care.

Dr David Triska, GP Partner at Witley and Milford Surgeries commented: “We’re thrilled that accuRx has received funding which will enable it to expand its primary care product set, some of which we’re trialling at the moment. We’re also excited about accuRx’s progress into secondary care as better interaction between primary and secondary care is a huge step forward for safer and more effective patient care.”

“We’re proud of what accuRx has been able to accomplish so far in transforming communication within primary care and we can’t wait to see the great benefits its tools will afford secondary care as well. With its product suite, accuRx has the potential to become a crucial backbone and infrastructure of healthcare markets globally,” said Oliver Heimes, Partner at Lakestar.

“We place a huge emphasis on user research, having spent the early part of building accuRx shadowing healthcare staff in a surgery in Oxford. Working closely with our users enables us to learn how we can build powerful and intuitive software for them to communicate with each other and their patients. This latest round of funding is testament to the phenomenal work that the team have done so far and the opportunity that lies ahead” said Jacob Haddad, CEO and co-founder of accuRx.

“We’ve spent the last 18 months delivering work to support our users throughout the pandemic, including remote consultations and building a booking system for the national COVID-19 vaccination programme. We’ve grown the team from less than 50 people to over 110 accuFolk over the last year and the funding enables us to hire more people to support our vision. We’re building products fast and at scale, which are incredibly reliable and user-focused and we’re excited to grow our engineering team to help us support more of the healthcare community,” said Laurence Bargery, CTO and co-founder of accuRx.

Collaborative healthcare communications platform

Throughout the pandemic, accuRx founded by Jacob Haddad and Laurence Bargery, has played a significant role in supporting frontline healthcare staff, receiving a world-class user satisfaction score of 88. It introduced a video interface facilitating remote consultations and surveys to allow remote monitoring of patients with COVID-19 symptoms. Additional features include asynchronous messaging and two million patients are now contacted via accuRx weekly.

It built a vaccine booking system in just 4 weeks that has now been used to manage over 21 million COVID-19 vaccinations – over a quarter of all vaccines delivered in England. accuRx offers the first collaborative communications platform that brings patients and their healthcare teams together, a crucial step in integrating care. Currently, accuRx’s software is used by 98 per cent of GP practices in England and a growing number of hospitals and community trusts to communicate with their patients and one another.