UK firms dominate FinTech50 2016 list unveiled at Money20/20


Some 31 UK FinTech companies have made Europe’s FinTech50 list, unveiled at Money20/20 in Copenhagen yesterday.

Selected by a panel of over 30 industry experts, the top 50 were whittled down from a selection of over 1,200 companies.

Julie Lake and Nicky Cotter, founders of The FinTech50, commented: “2016 marks a pivotal point at which big banks and traditional financial institutions are starting to collaborate more closely with the industry’s newest players.

“London FinTechs feature in just over half the list – in part due to the UK’s favourable regulatory environment as well as access to funding and talent. But London’s status is also being very energetically challenged by FinTech communities in capitals such as Amsterdam, Berlin and Stockholm.”

Now in its fourth year, the list places emphasis on businesses demonstrating long-term potential for the future as well as good customer traction.

Jan Hammer, partner at Index Ventures, said: “2016 will be about maturing of the FinTech industry. With all the low hanging fruit of financial services harvested, the next FinTech companies will be addressing areas that are more difficult from both technological and regulatory perspective and also more disruptive.

“They will build their own underlying technology rather than relying on others and create innovations that are not incremental but leaps ahead of what traditional players offer. It’s one of the reasons we’ve allocated a large part of the newly raised $1.25bn to the next generation of FinTech startups.”

The UK companies to have made this year’s FinTech50 are:

· AimBrain (London, UK)

· Algomi (London, UK)

· Behavox (London, UK)

· Bitnet (Belfast, UK)

· Blockchain (London, UK)

· Bought By Many (London, UK)

· Callsign (London, UK)

· Cognia (London, UK)

· Contego (Abingdon, UK)

· Credit Benchmark (London, UK)

· Digital Shadows (London, UK)

· Elliptic (London, UK)

· Everledger (London, UK)

· FundApps (London, UK)

· Iwoca (London, UK)

· Kantox (London, UK)

· LendInvest (London, UK)

· MarketInvoice (London, UK)

· Onfido (London, UK)

· Pockit (London, UK)

· Prodigy Finance (London, UK)

· Property Partner (London, UK)

· QuanTemplate (London, UK)

· RateSetter (London, UK)

· Ravelin (London, UK)

· Revolut (London, UK)

· Suade (London, UK)

· Sybenetix (London, UK)

· Tradle (London, UK)

· WeaveWorks (London, UK)

· Yoyo (London, UK)