UK Fintech Week launches to bring together industry pioneers

UK FinTech Week has launched across the country from April 29th to May 3rd 2019.

It will celebrate the innovation, openness and collaboration that have made the UK a world-leading fintech hub that attracted $3.3 billion of investment in 2018.

UKFW will be a week-long series of nationwide events, showcasing the UK as the global centre for financial innovation. The events will explore some of the most important issues of our time and look at the ways technology is shaping our future.  

Chancellor Philip Hammond and Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney will be delivering keynote speeches at the week’s flagship event – the Innovate Finance Global Summit – to highlight the importance of Fintech and continued innovation within financial services to the UK’s economy.

Key themes will include ensuring that the UK remains an investment friendly environment for FinTech, that it continues to attract and retain a diverse and global pool of talent, that it is promoted as the home of progressive regulation and guaranteeing that UK Fintech continues to contribute to global social betterment.

Charlotte Crosswell, CEO at Innovate Finance, UKFW Partner said: “The UK’s world-leading Fintech ecosystem has all the key elements for innovation to thrive. 

“Fintech is now a key driver of economic growth and social betterment for countries across the world. UK Fintech Week will be a phenomenal showcase of UK innovation, which will reinforce the UK’s position as an industry leader.”

Lord Mayor of London Peter Estlin said: “UK Fintech Week is an opportunity to celebrate the sector’s success story and ensure we maintain our position as a leading global hub. FinTech is already a major asset for London and the UK, employing over 75,000 people across the country – a figure expected to surge to well beyond 100,000 by 2030.

“I look forward to welcoming firms, investors, and young people starting our their careers in FinTech to the City of London to explore how we can realise the sector’s full potential in the years to come.”

Throughout the week a Fintech Showroom Space will be hosted at Broadgate’s 3FA (Finsbury Avenue Square). 

A full list of the week’s events can be found on the UKFW website.