UK-based robotics startup E-Nano cracks £100K investment deal


UK-based robotics and engineering startup, E-Nano has recently raised an investment of £100,000 to help sports managers and groundskeepers to measure, analyse and collect the data.

Real-time data collection for ground-keeping

E-Nano uses its cloud platform to measure, analyse and collect real-time data for sport field managers and groundkeepers. The recent investment will help the startup develop its current robotics through rigorous research and contribute to product validation before launching it. 

The investment is marked as another success for Suss Ventures as it meets VC’s impact-driven mission with sourcing purpose-driven business for their community of sustainable investors and corporate partners.

E-Nano’s rover uses sensors and AI to access ground and provides real-time ground data in maintaining the turf, and helps ground-keepers in making sustainable decision making to reduce maintenance cost. Its agriculture robot helps the landowners by keeping an eye on their crops and do sustainable farming.

Investment for product testing and validation

The startup co-founded by a team of professional mechanical and robotics engineers, E-nano technology is a breakthrough in ground-keeping technology. The team has been working with testing partners, STRI, the world’s leading sports surface solutions provider, to conduct product testing and validation in the field. 

Christian Von Scheidt, Co-founder of E-Nano said:

“The support from Suss ventures was key to put us in front of an early-stage fund that could act as a lead investor. Their team has been extremely professional all the way through the process, looking for ways to improve our communication with prospective investors and creating a network of start-ups in similar stages. They have been and continue to be a very valuable asset for us in our current funding round and hopefully for the next ones to come.”

Laurence Grant, Head of Investments at Suss Ventures said:

“As far as investment opportunities go, E-Nano qualifies as a fast-growing data-driven startup with exciting scalability in the field of sports engineering, robotics, and cloud computing. Also presented as a SEIS opportunity for investors, E-Nano has attracted a lot of attention from high-net worths and SEIS funds seeking to support early-stage companies, while also lowering the risk of investment through the seed investment scheme. I am very proud of the professionalism, graft and ambition of Christian and the E-Nano team, and expect to see big things for the company going forward.”