UK-based investcorp Calligo announces fourth acquisition in 12 months, gets US-based Decisive Data on board


In this digital age, data is any business’s most valuable asset. However, in most cases, it is invisible, or inaccessible. At times the risks are higher when the data is mismanaged, or not surrounded by the right data privacy and security protections. 

Based out of Jersey in the UK, Calligo has devised a unique collection of managed data services that transform how businesses use and perceive data to become smarter and to use their data safer. 

Acquired Decisive Data

Recently, Calligo acquired Decisive Data, a Redmond company pioneering in data analytics, data science, and visualisation. According to the company, this partnership aims to create the most capable, accessible, and compliant data insights service for modern businesses. 

“I’m very pleased to welcome Decisive Data team members, customers, and partners to Calligo, and am extremely excited about the capabilities being added to the Calligo portfolio,” said Julian Box, Founder, and CEO of Calligo. “Businesses today are under tremendous pressure to maximise their capabilities and efficiencies as budgets tighten and markets become tougher. Data and its intelligent exploitation is the well-known solution, but only if done so responsibly, safely, and compliantly. With today’s addition of Decisive Data’s talented team members and its technology to Calligo, we will accelerate businesses’ ability to cost-effectively ramp up their data insight efforts – all while ensuring that their data remains secure, private, and observes all applicable data regulations.”

Helps companies make critical decisions

Established in 2008 in Redmond, Washington, Decisive Data helps some of the global brands in technology, retail, telecoms, healthcare, and other verticals to use deep data insights to make critical decisions and realise better outcomes in efficiency, growth, and profitability.

Calligo’s tenth acquisition

Backed by Investcorp Technology Partners, this is Calligo’s tenth acquisition since its inception in 2012. Notably, the Jersey-headquartered company acquired four MSPs in Europe to bolster the skills and capabilities available to its customers throughout Europe and North America. They are:

  • Network Integrity Services (UK) 
  • Cinnte Technologies (Ireland) 
  • DC Networks (Ireland) 
  • Itomic Voice & Data (Ireland) 

Helping companies understanding their data

Julian Box launched Calligo in 2012 to give organisations of all sizes the ability to better understand their data and manage it more efficiently, productively, and safely at every juncture. 

Calligo’s Outsourced IT Services, Data Privacy Services, and Data Insight Services allow its customers to safely and securely leverage data to make decisions, improve productivity, expand profitability, ensure data privacy and continually meet data compliance requirements.

Box said he does not doubt that Calligo’s acquisition of Decisive Data was meant to be. “Both organisations are deeply committed to the power of data, both organisations understand that insights and privacy must go hand-in-hand, and both organisations are dedicated to ensuring customers receive best-in-class service. Combining our capabilities under the Calligo banner will enhance the opportunities for both organisations’ customers to safely take advantage of the intelligence in their data to inform decision making and grow their businesses,” he said.

Alissa Seiple, CEO of Decisive Data, agrees that the match makes perfect sense. “We are thrilled to be joining a like-minded company that has already established itself as a global voice for the centrality of data privacy and data governance in business,” she said. “As the use of data becomes more complex, especially in a fragmented regulatory environment, data-first thinking must sit at the foundation of every business decision. Julian and his team understand this, and I cannot wait to see what’s next. The incorporation of Decisive Data into Calligo is a win for both our companies and a win for all of our customers.”