UK-based AI startup, Bubo.AI expands to Nordic region


Founded and based in the UK, Bubo.AI which won the “Best Emerging Technology in AI” award in 2020 and raised £650k in growth funding, is now entering the nordic region market.

At present, the company provides services in the UK, in Continental Europe, in South-America, and in the Pacific region to optimise their customer-value based pricing. 

Bubo.AI is a groundbreaking AI-based solution for customer value-based pricing. It lends cloud technology and advanced analytics, allowing clients to determine the path to more profitability based on optimised price.

Special offer for the Nordic Region

After successful expansion in the UK, Continental Europe, South-America and in Pacific Region, Bubo.AI will enter Nordic Region with an office in Göteborg/Sweden.

The readily available business contacts, a lively startup scene, wide range of powerful industry players in B2B and the availability of highly skilled personnel are the few reasons behind choosing Nordic region.

“Sweden has consistently ranked among the Top Ten in Forbes’ list of Most Business-Friendly Countries”, states Alan Timothy, CEO of Bubo.AI. “Sweden’s business-friendly culture is one of the drivers behind the decision to choose the country and its Western hub Göteborg as the base for our Nordic operations.”

“To test the waters, we have already participated in onsite and online events such as IGNITE SWEDEN”, adds Magnus Johansson, Country Manager for the Nordic Region. “Based on our data and our research, we enter the market with confidence. There is definitely a strong demand for our services.“

AI-powered pricing for greater profitability

It is challenging for the companies to raise a price by retaining the customers and increasing the sales. AI technology helps in overcoming such challenges and increasing profitability.

Alan Timothy, CEO of Bubo.AI explains, “Our customers work with us to transform their pricing processes through a clear strategy and tailor-made workflows. Imagine that you as a company suddenly knew exactly which customer would be willing to spend a bit more on which product and in which situation. Our machine learning algorithm finds the maximum a customer is really willing to pay for each products so companies can ensure to maintain demand without leaving money on the table.”

“With today’s computing powers, we can finally calculate the right price–for each customer, each product, and each situation,” adds Magnus Johansson. “If you have thousands of different products and thousands of customers, billions of calculations are needed to deliver the insights you need. Finally, we can stop guessing and start relying on data-driven information.”

Scientific cooperation with Copenhagen University

Bubo.AI works with academia and universities to drive the pricing research agenda and develop forward-thinking pricing solutions based on the latest AI and ML research available.

Together with Wiktoria Ewa Salwa, PhD fellow at Copenhagen Business School, Bubo.AI is pushing the technological frontier with research and scientific articles. Wiktoria, who specialises in pricing management, dedicates part of her research to applying pricing theories and models to broaden the approach used by Bubo.AI.