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Top tech stats: Job automation, driverless cars and much more

jobs automation top tech stats

Welcome to your round up of some of the past week’s most interesting surveys, statistics and reports relevant to those involved in the UK tech industry.

This week, we have statistics relating to job automation, driverless cars, UK equity investment, email safety and investment needs.

Job automation

Approximately 30% of jobs in the UK are susceptible to automation from robotics and AI by the early 2030s. In many cases, however, the nature of the jobs will change rather than disappear.

That’s according to PwC latest ‘UK Economic Outlook‘ report, which also found that the figure for the UK was much lower than that of the US (38%) and Germany (35%), but higher than that of Japan (21%).

The sectors most ripe for automation, the report says, are transport, manufacturing, wholesale and retail. Automation represents less of a threat in the realm of education, health and social work....