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Top tech stats: HealthTech investments trends, AI within business & more

Welcome to your round up of some of the past week’s most interesting surveys, statistics and reports relevant to those involved in the UK tech industry.

This week, we have statistics relating to HealthTech investment trends, corporate innovation, AdTech and MarTech deals, AI adoption and automation in the workforce.

HealthTech investment

Silicon Valley Bank released its “European Trends in Healthcare Investments 2017” report, which revealed that although down since 2015, venture investments in healthcare are now at a historically high level.

Deal sizes have increased significantly since 2014, with the average deal size for biopharma reaching $16.4m in 2016. Similarly, the average investment size in HealthTech devices in 2016 was $8.8m, up $2.8m since 2014, and the average amount invested in diagnostics, health information technology and tools also reached $8.8m....