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Top Tech Stats: Flexible working, office sickies and much more

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This week we bring you the latest stats on flexible working, office sickies, the state of the Isle of Man’s technology sector and the lack of employee appraisals.

Flexible working

According to a new report from social media training firm Digital Mums, 7 in 10 (68%) UK employees would like to have flexible working hours but only 12% have requested this from their current employer.

More than half (51%) of UK employers think that asking for flexible working would be perceived negatively by employers, while 42% say it would have a negative impact on their careers.

The data shows that this fear factor is more prevalent among millennials, with two-fifths (40%) saying they’d be too nervous or worried to ask for flexible working hours despite 8 in 10 (77%) wanting this way of working....