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Top Tech Stats: FinTech, inspirational leaders & more


Welcome to your roundup of some of the past week’s most interesting surveys, reports and statistics relevant to those involved in the UK tech industry.

This week, we have statistics covering FinTech, mental health and inspiration in the workplace.

Mental health

One in six workers experience depression, anxiety or stress, and according to The Office of National Statistics this is costing the UK economy £26bn.

Depression, anxiety and stress are more common within a stronger workforce, according to Tricia Woolfrey, an expert in stress-resilience, performance and productivity.

“It is often the strong and the diligent who are more likely to suffer. Why? Because they care about doing a good job and their sense of duty and responsibility will cause them to power through. These are the people who, when firing on all cylinders, will produce the best results for you. And, when they crash and burn, will cost you dearly,” she said....